BUILD YOUR IMAGINATION! Building blocks for kids

ODMI BLOCKS are large, soft, and light building blocks for kids. You can rent them for children’s parties, kindergartens, schools, public or corporate events.

ODMI BLOCKS can be connected in countless combinations using flexible and durable different length “noodles”, or pins, and are super fun to play with, being large and light at the same time!


Odmi blocks is for rent an for sale. There’s about 2 m3 of modules ( ~ 100 pieces)
Order Odmi modules, it will take 2 months to make your kit.
The Odmi kit (3 bags. One bag size: 70x80x100 cm) costs ~ 4000 euro +shipping
We have made of eny shape or quantity of modules
Minimum quantity order – 50 pieces (1 m3) ~ 3000 eur
If you have more questions, feel free to ask
Thank you for your interest!


tel. +37122021571



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